ArtRage causes art rage.

You guys ever play with ArtRage? It’s a OSX and Windows program that basically emulates painting tools for windows. Kind of. It’s fun. It has this super cheesy “trace” mode where you can load up pictures and it will automatically color match your brushstrokes with the image you’re tracing. I’m not explaining it very well.

Anyway, just becuase you get the right colors, doesn’t mean you’re suddenly a good painter. I mean, right?

Anyway, Jenifer, my lovely wife, who is a trained fine artist, and, you know, fucking awesome, was appaled at my poor, poor attempts to paint portraits of Abigail the Schipperke in art rage.


To be fair, Gaia was laying on my mouse hand while I was drawing these. But to be more fair, I’m actually not a very good at painting.


Good Cop, Bad Cop.

Hey Kids!This was posted at first.

I use Creative Commons because I believe that it's better to share my creative works with people who can appreciate it than it is to die with a huge stack of unpublished works.

Creative Commons is not permission for you to make money off my work without compensating me. Creative Commons is not the same thing as dedicating your works to the Public Domain. Creative Commons is a way to let other artists know that they are welcome to see, enjoy, be a fan of, redistribute, and build on your work.

Raster and I played some good cop/bad cop on the Internet the other day regarding this subject. Here's a shout-out to the Creative Commons discussion going on here.

A side issue not being discussed here is the general emergence of the feeling that "the Long Tail" is bullshit. My opinion is that if you feel that the Long Tail is bullshit, I say you and I are probably talking about a different Long Tail.

Also, if you want to learn more about Creative Commons, I highly recommend this film.


A Blueberry Betrayal!

Hey Kids!This was posted at first.

Jeni: I ATE the Heck outta blueberry muffin
Gabe: Blueberry muffins ought to fear you.
Jeni: really they should
Gabe: There's a four star alert on you out on the blueberry muffinnet right now.
Jeni: I bet. I tore through that muffin like nobodies business
Gabe: It turns out I'm a sysop on Who knew?
Jeni: Goddamn narc.


Gaia Spotting

Hey Kids!This was posted at first.

It's strange. I can never predict which photos at Flickr are going to be popular.
Serious Eats (by HeyGabe)

Big shout-out and thank you to the folks at SeriousEats who were kind enough to call Gaia "Adorable."

I'll pass on the discussion over whether this is a correct application of the creative commons license in favor of simply basking in my daughter's new found internet fame.


404 Errors from Update-Manager

Hey Kids!This was posted at first.

An Error Occured (by HeyGabe)Are you getting 404 errors when you try to update Ubuntu 8.10 beta/release candidate? So am I.
Annoyed because most of the resources on the internet are dismissive, unhelpful, and kind of snide? Me too.

Now, in spite of my continued assertion that I am something of a linux expert, I actually am not very savvy when it comes to fixing parts of an OS that just don't work, but I'm not afraid to root around... especially when it's just a virtual machine I'm mucking with.

So, here's what fixed it for me. I picked "Main Server" instead of "Server for the United States" which was the default in the virtual machine I downloaded. This prompted a distribution upgrade for some reason, and after three hours and a reboot, update-manager was working for me again.

Try this for yourself. From your desktop, choose System --> Adminstration --> Software Sources to launch the Software Sources application. Pick something else from the "Download From:" option box. It'll look something like this, (especially if you're using the hotter-than-hot dark human look).

Fix_it (by HeyGabe)

Anyway, It's Fixxored.
Linux is so easy.

(FWIW, I'd happily entertain discussion about what really was/is the problem on this here blog, if any one is in the mind to share.)d


Dumb BIG Man

Hey Kids!This was posted at first.

Dumb BIG man is more like it.  (by HeyGabe)
It may be one of my proudest moments.

A few months ago, you guys may recall, I posted a photobooth snapshot of myself holding a note I'd written on a postie that I couldn't read. This photo was from the period where I was releasing photos on a creative commons Share Alike license.
So it turns out this photo was featured on an otherwise unremarkable productivity blog called Dumb Little Man , on an otherwise unremarkable productivity article called "12 Ways To Become an Utter Failure at Work."
Words cannot express how much joy this brings me.
Although Dumb Little Man doesn't release their content under a 'share alike' license, share alike only requires you re-license under a "similar" licence.
We'll call CC-BY-ND good enough, I guess. I would prefer that they'd use my work under a little less restrictive licence, but whatever. I'm just flattered that they liked my photo enough to use it.